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Naxos Web Radio

Naxos Web Radio is the premier streaming service from Naxos, offering over 80 channels of quality music in pre-programmed playlists. The channels cover a range of genres from Classical Music to Jazz/Blues, from World/Folk to New Age; categories that run the gamut from Early Music to 21st Century Classics, American Classics to Chinese Classics, Film/TV Music to Wedding Music, plus more. All streamed directly to you 24 hours a day, commercial-free.

Each channel offers a specific style/category of music streamed in 48 kbps (AAC) audio quality. Each channel is updated frequently with the current day's programme shown in the respective Channel Guide, including details of each track played and the album it appears in, enabling listeners to explore the tracks that were played and the ones to come.

New channels are added to the Naxos Web Radio service periodically and new recordings are added monthly, from Naxos' extensive music catalogue, one of the largest and fastest growing catalogues of unduplicated repertoire available anywhere.

Anytime while streaming music from a channel, you can conveniently purchase your favorite tracks/albums directly from our online music store, 优游娱乐在哪里注册:ClassicsOnline.com.

Please try our "15-minute Free Preview" to see if your computer system is compatible with our streaming services. Simply click on the FREE PREVIEW button above for a free 15-minute trial of our service.

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